Corporate Social Responsibility

For over a decade, Cherokee Nation Entertainment has been committed to making an impact. Our efforts are the foundation of our mission to improve the regions in where CNE operates through increasing the development opportunities and supporting a diverse community of individuals.


Cherokee Nation Entertainment welcomes requests from community organizations, nonprofit groups or community businesses. To be considered for funding, please complete this form. Upon submission of the form, each request will be contacted regarding future steps. If requesting support for multiple events throughout the year, you're encouraged to submit a separate form for each event.


Monetary requests must be received at least 60 days prior to the event and in-kind requests must be received 30 days prior to when the contribution is needed.


As a general guideline, sponsorships in the following areas will not be approved:

• General operating costs

• Individuals sponsorships

• Academic or media research

• Political causes, organizations or candidates

• Religious organizations, programs or events

• Trips or travel expenses

• Endowment campaigns

• Monetary donations

• Youth sports team

Contact Information

Event Information

In accordance to CNB policy, CNE sponsorships are not used for: General operating costs, individuals, academic or medical research, political causes, organizations or candidates, religious organizations, programs or events, trips or travel, endowment campaigns, monetary donations, youth sports teams. Monetary sponsorships must be requested 60 days prior to event. In-kind sponsorship requests must be requested 30 days prior to the event.


All materials, publications, CNE products taken to or used at an event for support or sponsorship by CNE staff is solely the property of CNE. CNE and its entities retain all property rights in any process, procedure or distribution of such. All CNE services shall be used for lawful purposes only.


For additional assistance, please contact Brooklyn Neff at